The Anniversary Edition Hits the Web


It’s been a long time coming but Someone to Remember Me: The Anniversary Edition is finally on its way to a server near you. After almost two and half years since the original release of the first edition, it is with no small amount of pride that I announce the release of The Anniversary Edition to the existing lineup of services (iBooks, Kindle, Nook) while also premiering for the first time on Goodreads, Kobo, and Google Play.

The Anniversary Edition has been a joyous challenge that began in late 2012, about six months after the original debut. So much of the feedback I received from readers since then has echoed my own thoughts and feelings, resounding strongly enough that I undertook a complete renovation of the novel. The Anniversary Edition is about a quarter larger than its predecessor, features an expanded plot while simultaneously boasting a streamlined narrative. I’m very proud of this second, and very likely final, edition of Someone to Remember Me. To give you a tease idea about the changes, the book’s opening epigraph and table of contents are listed below.


   In this hour of daybreak, my sins yearn for absolution once more. They have endured exaltation and exile, ecstasy and misery, born from kindness and yet mired in criminality. Judge my actions as you will, decry them as you must, but the reward for my patience is nigh upon the horizon.

A cold light spreads across the ruined place you fought to possess and, in your arrogance, doomed forever. This fatal truce, this peace in death, could not last. Perhaps that is why you stir? Woken from your age-long slumber, summoned to action by the dawn of the roses.


Part One: The Survivors

Chapter One: Dawn

Chapter Two: A Nearby Sadness

Chapter Three: On the Hunt

Chapter Four: Timeless Knowledge

Chapter Five: Among the Shallows

Part Two: Rapture

Chapter Six: In Memoriam

Chapter Seven: Origins

Chapter Eight: A Soul to Keep

Chapter Nine: The Flaw

Chapter Ten: Love and Reconciliation

Part Three: Eternal Recurrence

Chapter Eleven: Summons

Chapter Twelve: Mortal Coil

Chapter Thirteen: Grand Cross

Chapter Fourteen: All Creation

Chapter Fifteen: Someone to Remember Me


Thank you to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey. If you’d like to receive your updated copy, you only need to delete it out of iBooks and re-download it from the Purchased list. Kindle is a bit trickier—you’ll need to go into your account via, manage your content and devices, and redeliver the book by selecting it from the list and choosing “Deliver.”

This journey has truly been a pleasure. I hope to get back into writing reviews and updates now that The Anniversary Edition has been released into the wild.

– Brendan

Someone to Remember Me: Anniversary Edition


It has been a long time coming but I’m ecstatic to finally unveil the next major revision to my novel SOMEONE TO REMEMBER ME. In my rush to meet my self-imposed publishing deadline last year I left a healthy amount of content on the cutting-room floor. I felt that, given the flexible nature of an ebook, I could always add new content if and when the time came. After months of intense revisions to content that was forcibly omitted, I’m preparing the Anniversary Edition (henceforth known as the AE) for release later this year.

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I have some exciting news to share with anybody that’s still interested! In early September, after downloads had flatlined around 40 on Kindle and on around 40 on iBooks, I dropped the price of Someone to Remember Me to free just for the hell of it. In my mind, it couldn’t hurt since nobody was downloading the book anyways. I thought there’d be a modest bump in downloads, but Someone to Remember Me instead crossed the one thousand download mark in October on Amazon’s Kindle Store and has pushed further north into the realm of 1,400 downloads as of today.

So that’s really cool in and of itself. It’s mind-boggling to think that 1,400 people have their hands on my writing. I have an exciting update planned for Someone to Remember Me, and when I’ve finalized the details I’ll post more about it here. If you haven’t already, be sure to re-download your copy to receive the updates and corrections I posted back in April.

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for some exciting news. If you haven’t downloaded Someone to Remember Me, please click here.

Purchase Statistics for “Someone”


It has been a little more than a month since Someone to Remember Me became available for download through the iBooks, Nook, and Kindle Stores in North America and Canada (thank you, Jack Barker!). I’ve had wonderful support and an amazing turnout with regards to downloads, and since so many people regularly ask how it’s doing, I thought I’d take this chance to share the sales stats for my novel. Continue reading

Review: Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan



Last summer, when I purchased “The Crown Conspiracy” for my Kindle, I appreciated that it was structured as a stand-alone fantasy novel, whose characters avoided many of the archetypal shortcomings. I thought that fantasy as a genre needed more of what Mr. Sullivan was delivering with The Crown Conspiracy and I tore through the novel like an alcoholic through whiskey. I didn’t think I wanted another fantasy epic; but how could I have known that Elan, the world in which the novels that compose the Riyria Revelations is set, would be the most memorable world in recent years?
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Release Day, Part 2: Now on iBooks


Someone to Remember Me is now available for sale on the iBooks Store for $2.99

With the unexpected delay, the iBooks version is arriving 11 days after the Nook and Kindle counterparts, but hotly anticipated nonetheless.

You can purchase it via the iBooks app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by hitting the search button and typing in Someone to Remember Me or Brendan Mancilla.

Since it is not yet appearing in iTunes Preview via Google, that’s the only way to get the job done until get I back to my computer and copy the book store link from iTunes onto all of the pages here. (Expect an update to this post later today!)

I have to thank everyone who waited so patiently, and badgered me so relentlessly, for the release of the iBooks version of Someone to Remember Me. In an odd way, Valentine’s Day seem as fitting a formal release date as any (especially if you’ve gotten through the Kindle or Nook versions) for various plot related reasons.

Meanwhile, I’m off to blow up Facebook, Twitter, and instagram with shameless piles of self-promotion. If you’re interested in purchasing the book on Kindle or Nook please click here.

Thank you all and I hope this book doesn’t disappoint!


Release Day, Part 1


Someone to Remember Me is now available for sale on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

For unspecified reasons, the iBooks version is currently unavailable. When the issue resolves, it will be announced accordingly.

If you own a Kindle or Nook, thank you and happy reading!

The Last Day


It’s hard to not feel sentimental on a day like today. I thought for a while that this day wouldn’t actually arrive. In my head I often drudged up excuses about how or why publishing this novel might not happen.

Even today I’ve been waffling on last minute details: do I change that title name? Does the table of contents look okay? Are there anymore goddamned typos? Working on this book for so long had me identifying a crucial piece of my personality with it. I’m terrified that people will hate it while equally ecstatic to meet anyone who loves it. This book was a labor of love, one that I’ll cherish forever.

Seven, Eight, Ninety-Nine, Null, and Twenty have waited patiently for two and a half years to get out of my head and explore the world. And if those numbers sound like the combination to a safe, they’re actually the names of the characters who will occupy your time with Someone to Remember Me.

Coincidentally, I was watching an interview with Chinua Achebe (a writer with skill on a level I’ll never come close to), whose sentiments are very much my own. He said that remembrance is key to survival and moving forward. I couldn’t agree more. While I’m saddened that I won’t be slaving away over this book (except for, God forbid, typo corrections) I am happy to move onto the other projects that had been ignored for the past five months.

Kindle, Nook, and iBooks have each been sent the finalized ePub file. By this time tomorrow, Someone to Remember Me will be available for download, let loose at last.

Glad for what’s finished, I can’t wait for what’s next.

– Brendan

Renaming a Novel


Well, with my intended release window right around the corner now seems to be as good a time as any to share a few random pieces of information with the world. First, and perhaps most important, is the novel’s name change. While I have called it Someone to Watch Over Me for nearly two and a half years I decided, earlier this week, to rename it Someone to Remember Me. What a difference a word can make. If you’re wondering why I opted to make this change the answer is simple enough: earlier this week my cousin passed away and my mom was  (briefly) hospitalized on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve always been overemotional, often to my detriment. Things scare me too easily; anger me too quickly; silence me abruptly. I sat at my computer in the wake of these events contemplating some fair criticism that had been lobbed at the name: too common, too boring, etc. I rarely cave to criticism so eagerly but the dominoes lined up just right.

The real catalyst came when I asked myself what my novel was actually about. At the end of it, I can safely say that it is filled with people who fear being forgotten. They fear that their emotions, memories, and desires will be lost to time. The worth of their existence invalidated. In short, each of these people wanted someone to remember them. That word, “Remember” slipped right in and slit the throat of “Watch Over” and before I knew it I was jumping to Kindle, Nook, Jutoh and my original manuscript expunging the old name.

I left Someone to Watch Over Me in place on the original manuscript dated May 2009 (The current version is called “Someone to Remember Me 2011 and is superior for a variety of reasons) as a testament to the past. In a way, this novel became Someone to Remember Me as a result of the past few days. What a difference a title makes; in one fell swoop the entire meaning/intention of the novel shifts dramatically.

And also, it just looks and sounds better.

– Brendan