At 11:36pm on Monday…


At 11:36pm on Monday, September 2 2013, I completed the rough draft of my second full-length novel. It is, preliminarily, 211,722 words and numbers 388 pages on 8.5 by 11 inch pages set to a single-space lining. It’s hard to say exactly what I’m feeling, though relief and satisfaction (joy, maybe?) would be the obvious contenders. There’s so much work ahead but the difficult part, and the most enjoyable for that matter, are behind me. Editing is upon me, and I know I don’t fully comprehend what I’ve accomplished, but I am definitely…pleased.



“It’s not fair,” Juliet muttered, walking alongside Elesik. “What happened to Bel Arcana, I mean.”

Elesik shrugged and thought of his beloved Chapel’s destruction.

“God didn’t promise us fair. He only promised us a chance,” was his reply.