Review: Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan



Last summer, when I purchased “The Crown Conspiracy” for my Kindle, I appreciated that it was structured as a stand-alone fantasy novel, whose characters avoided many of the archetypal shortcomings. I thought that fantasy as a genre needed more of what Mr. Sullivan was delivering with The Crown Conspiracy and I tore through the novel like an alcoholic through whiskey. I didn’t think I wanted another fantasy epic; but how could I have known that Elan, the world in which the novels that compose the Riyria Revelations is set, would be the most memorable world in recent years?
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Books I Read in 2011


With 2011 in the rear view mirror and tumultuous to say the least, I’m reminded of the books I read across the year. If you’re not a big reader, or you’re looking for a more colorful collection than your normal stock, look no further! Continue reading