Someone to Remember Me


Cover Art by Natasha DiMatteo

Who will remember you when the world ends?

A young man wakes up in the middle of an abandoned street. His name is Seven and, except for the number he thinks is his name, he has no memories to call his own. Seven can’t explain where or when he is. He can’t explain what happened to the dead city he’s stranded in. And he can’t explain why the other amnesia-stricken survivors he finds feel so familiar to him…

As they wander the decomposing streets of the metropolis, Seven and his companions realize that someone is guiding them along their fight for survival. By unraveling the mystery behind the city’s fatal demise, the survivors begin to discover the dark truth of their own history. What lingers in the crux of myth and legacy is the journey of five people hoping to remember who they were before their civilization died.

Knowledge and memory entail consequences, so what will the price be when Seven and his band of survivors finally discover someone who remembers them?

SOMEONE TO REMEMBER ME is the intriguing new novel by Brendan Mancilla.