Someone to Remember Me: Anniversary Edition


It has been a long time coming but I’m ecstatic to finally unveil the next major revision to my novel SOMEONE TO REMEMBER ME. In my rush to meet my self-imposed publishing deadline last year I left a healthy amount of content on the cutting-room floor. I felt that, given the flexible nature of an ebook, I could always add new content if and when the time came. After months of intense revisions to content that was forcibly omitted, I’m preparing the Anniversary Edition (henceforth known as the AE) for release later this year.

During the final revisions of SOMEONE in the fall of 2011 I heavily edited the last third of the book (Part Three: Eternal Recurrence) because I was never quite happy with that chunk. By the spring of 2012 I had finally reached a place where I was quite content with the ending (my favorite lines are in those last five chapters) but as I edited the manuscript in preparation for release, I found myself greedily eyeing the first part of the book (Part One: The Survivors) because while it felt desolate, much like the city in which it was set, it felt too desolate.

To remedy that I brought back several previously omitted sequences for the AE. For instance, there are memory-sequences as early as the first chapter in the AE (to add balance to an otherwise lopsided expositional pacing, in my opinion) as well as more sequences of the survivors exploring Haven (a scene involving Seven and Eight discovering a ruined university comes to mind) to give us more time with them in their blissfully unaware mindsets.

Also, I love writing 20 and this really just gave me more of a chance to do exactly that.

To give you a measure of the gravity of these changes, Part One: The Survivors is double the size that it was originally! These changes strengthen the tone, build the history, and emphasize the characters more before throwing them into the harrowing ordeal that awaits them at the start of part two (Part Two: Rapture) which is where, in my opinion, the story gets obscenely good.

You might be wondering, hey, why is Brendan revising an old book? Why doesn’t he release something new instead? Those are fair questions. The truth is that I love the characters of Someone and the AE is a way for me to do them a final amount of justice, truly and fully. One day I hope to write a prequel (that describes, in great detail, the War of the Begotten—which is never directly named in Someone) and a sequel (chronicling the War Against the Sphere Builders—oops! spoiler alert!) Meanwhile, I’ve completed one whole new, unrelated manuscript in the seventeen months since Someone came out an another is nearly finished.

Thanks so much for your patience and support. Check below for a revised summary and an ALL NEW COVER!!!


Seven, a young man with no memories, wakes up to the ruins of a dead city.

He, alongside a handful of other amnesiacs, must traverse the ancient streets. Pursued by monsters, memories, and ghosts of the past five lonely survivors will reluctantly decide the fate of a lost civilization.

Experience new content that deepens the compelling story, a fascinating Q&A Session with the author, and more for free in SOMEONE TO REMEMBER ME: ANNIVERSARY EDITION later this year!

Someone to Remember Me AE