The Last Day


It’s hard to not feel sentimental on a day like today. I thought for a while that this day wouldn’t actually arrive. In my head I often drudged up excuses about how or why publishing this novel might not happen.

Even today I’ve been waffling on last minute details: do I change that title name? Does the table of contents look okay? Are there anymore goddamned typos? Working on this book for so long had me identifying a crucial piece of my personality with it. I’m terrified that people will hate it while equally ecstatic to meet anyone who loves it. This book was a labor of love, one that I’ll cherish forever.

Seven, Eight, Ninety-Nine, Null, and Twenty have waited patiently for two and a half years to get out of my head and explore the world. And if those numbers sound like the combination to a safe, they’re actually the names of the characters who will occupy your time with Someone to Remember Me.

Coincidentally, I was watching an interview with Chinua Achebe (a writer with skill on a level I’ll never come close to), whose sentiments are very much my own. He said that remembrance is key to survival and moving forward. I couldn’t agree more. While I’m saddened that I won’t be slaving away over this book (except for, God forbid, typo corrections) I am happy to move onto the other projects that had been ignored for the past five months.

Kindle, Nook, and iBooks have each been sent the finalized ePub file. By this time tomorrow, Someone to Remember Me will be available for download, let loose at last.

Glad for what’s finished, I can’t wait for what’s next.

– Brendan