The Big Three Are a Go


At long last, my seller account with Barnes & Noble is verified and active. Coupled with last week’s activation of my iTunes seller account, I am now perfectly capable of distributing Someone to Remember Me on the websites of the three largest ebook sellers in existence: Kindle, iBooks, and Nook.

Without a doubt this is the most exciting part of the process: to know that you’re capable of releasing the product whenever you want. At this moment I’m on a final read through of the book on my iPad, trying to ensure there are no formatting or grammatical errors that slipped through the cracks.

I think it was somewhere in chapter 4 that I found a giant empty space between two paragraphs. It was an error I quickly repaired for fear that readers might think I was attempting to make some paratextual, ironically postmodern statement on the nature of literature. If I had the energy and the patience to do such a thing, I’d demand to have a top-hat and pipe first.

Anyhow, continuing on, I’m now starting chapter eight which marks, in the table of contents, the midway point in the novel. It feels like quite an accomplishment to have painstakingly read through the manuscript to ensure quality and continuity, and I feel confident in saying that the first 7 chapters are as amazing as could be hoped or edited to.

Some of the hardest decisions have been made the past few days. Do I reveal this or that minor detail? Do I use this or that word? Those are the questions that drive me crazy. Those are the ones that keep me up at night. As a compromise to my inner demons, I want to publish an index-like addendum to the novel, either inside it or here on this blog. (maybe for the first or second anniversary?) I would love to have encyclopedia-level content on what did or did not make the cut into the final novel (like Pottermore but for my book instead!).

As I continue to read through Someone to Remember Me I am reminded of what an amazing journey it has been from start to finish. I don’t think there’s a better prize to 3 years of writing, thinking, and revising than the publication of said work to the wilds of the internet.

I’ve nearly decided on a release date. My chief concern is that I need enough time to finish my read through.

But damn am I excited.

– Brendan