An Update About Today


Yesterday was the first day back to school and before I left that morning I resubmitted my application to the iTunes Store to be allowed to sell my book. As some of you may know from my incessant whining, the moment I got my IRS Tax ID I sent it off to iTunes and B&N. When those two companies originally went looking for it in the IRS Database, they couldn’t find it. Generally speaking, the IRS says to allow up to two weeks for it to show up in their system. Tuesday marked two weeks exactly.

On Thursday, before I trolled my way off to San Diego State University for the first day of my last semester (read as: the next three months are going to suck soooo much) I resubmitted my application to iTunes. I got a stock response back asking me to allow 5-7 days for a decision. When I got up this morning around 8 AM there was an approval email from them sitting in my inbox. I have at least 2 new software programs I need to learn how to use in order to test and upload my final product–but the road is clear as far as iTunes is concerned.

So I was super jazzed about that; and went about my day at work with an unstoppable bloodlust for success and awesomeness. When I had a free moment I called Barnes and Noble to follow up with them. I told them pretty bluntly that iTunes approved my account with my Tax ID and politely asked them to try again. The phone representative said he resubmitted my application and that we’ll know if my account will start working by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Once B&N clears my account then the big three publishers are ready and waiting for my novel. With the plot finished, the final edits made, and the book uploaded I will then be confronted by a newer, scarier question:

So when am I going to release the damn thing?

As of this moment, the honest answer is sometime in the last week of January. Assuming that there is no delay (which is a HUGE assumption) between when I upload the books to Amazon, Apple, and B&N and when it actually posts to their websites then that’s the target window. I will set a specific day by next Friday, January 27th when I know for sure that B&N is done being difficult. This works for me on a couple of levels. As you may know I recently changed the ending to the book in preparation for wide release, so the added time lets me sit on the ending and tweak it as necessary. And it also lets me be OCD about using a wider vocabulary, ensuring there are no embarrassing its/it’s or then/than and other things that we English majors sweat about and have nightmares over.

I love Someone to Remember Me with a passion and I’m speechless at the opportunity to share it with you all. Today was such an amazing day to witness the outpouring of support and enthusiasm on Facebook and in person. It has been such a remarkable journey to bring the novel from where where it was in August to where it is today, on the edge of meeting the world for the first time.

To everyone who shared their encouragement with me today: this book is as excited to meet you as you are to read it.

More to come,

– Brendan