I Changed the Ending


What happens when you mix an author, the ending of a book, and unexpected delays? You get a cocktail of indecision and last minute changes. 

Still no word from iTunes or Barnes & Noble on my newly resubmitted seller applications. I’m inching closer towards throwing down the money to become a developer with iTunes (which I’d rather not do) just to get things moving towards some form of resolution. Realistically I don’t have any way of expediting the process for either one besides sitting back and waiting for my Tax ID to show up in the IRS database.

A week ago I thought the book would be out by now and today I wonder how things would have played out if it had gone up for sale. In the three days I’ve had to think things over I considered, debated, and changed the ending of Someone to Remember Me. I’m entertained by how quickly I made the change which speaks volumes about how eagerly I did it once I convinced myself.

I know I must sound noncommittal and fickle but publishing a book is taking a risk; gambling that the way you wrote the book will resonate best with readers. While I’m pragmatic that not everyone will like it, I still hope to see 4 and 5 star reviews from impassioned fans on the web (I can dream) as a reward for my hard work.

After the otherwise massive revisions that the story has seen on its march to publication, a change to the ending was in order. The tone of the first part of the book is discovery, the tone of the second is renewal, and the tone of the third part is escape. Simply put, the final chapter did not jive with this tone.

I don’t want to ruin the chapter but needless to say it now functions as a proper sendoff to Someone to Remember Me; a proper statement on the nature of memory, existence, and time. I’m ridiculously excited to share it with everyone as soon as possible.

And there’s another strikingly vague update for you. One that, as usual, says something important without saying anything at all. I think I will post a part of the first chapter as well as the first few chapter titles just to stir things up a bit.


– Brendan

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