No Book Thursday


In retrospect, I definitely set myself up for this fall. Late yesterday afternoon iTunes emailed me to say that my Tax ID Number is still not showing up in the IRS Database. This was hot on the heels of Barnes & Noble sending more or less the same message on Tuesday. This means that my intended release date of today is bunk; I could put the book out on Kindle alone but I’d rather not. Especially when the majority of my friends use iBooks hardcore.

I’m trying to see the good in this: more time to edit, more time to insert small changes. With Someone to Remember Me my hope is to establish a world and mythology I could come back to in 2-3 years to see the story from different angles. But that’s all I’ll say on that front.

I’m really sick and restless today, so I’ve been moving between bed, book, and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus PS3 remake. I find ICO to be annoying which is a bad sign considering how desperately I wanted to like it. Still, it shows all the sweeping magnitude that Shadow of the Colossus elaborated to fully on. Team ICO, the makers of these two brilliant games, are supposedly hard at work on The Last Guardian but it’s been nearly 3 years since it was announced.

I also preordered my copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2, against my better judgement I have to admit. While solid in its own right, Final Fantasy XIII was not a game I needed to have ardently awaited for almost five years (announced in 2006, released in 2011). I try not to judge it to harshly because there were millions who apparently loved it (about 5 million, actually) and my tastes are best represented buy the gameplay mechanics in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and XII. Coming back to Final Fantasy XIII-2 I played the demo (solid!) and everyone at Square-Enix and gaming publications keep screaming about how it is an attempt to remedy all the things wrong with the first outing. And really as a video gamer what is better than a company making a game specifically to make you happy and shut you up?

Before anyone gets snarky about the video-game overload, I’m prepared to make a recommendation on which book you should go read since mine is unavailable.

 THE MAGICIANS by Lev Grossman

One of the reasons I loved The Magicians is that it starts like a collegiate version of Harry Potter in America. I often wondered if Grossman, who depicts his magical school with a Mark Twain flair for country setting, asked himself what Potter in America would look like and got The Magicians as a result. So we have angst, sex, and crude humor spread across a tale that trades obvious inspiration for wild originality.

While the first half of the story deals with the “we’re kids at a magical boarding school” mechanic, the second half finds Quentin and his friends adventuring into the children’s fairytale realm of Fillory. Exploring the Narnia-esque land exposes the dark underbelly of Fillory and the monsters rampaging across it. What The Magicians does best is highlight the apathy and isolation of young people who have seen the world for what a wreck it actually is, culminating in a hollow victory at the novel’s phenomenal ending.

Grossman ultimately sets the stage for his sequel THE MAGICIAN KING which just came out over the summer. Grossman’s novel has become so successful that FOX has ordered a TV script of it. He’s said nothing but great things about it on Twitter, and I hope nothing but the best for the project.

In summary, I apologize to everyone who expected Someone to Remember Me to release today. Trust me when I say that I will use the extra downtime to put as amazing a finish on the novel as possible.

– Brendan