On Endings


During the hard times you have to find what you love and hold on to it for your sanity’s sake.  I don’t know how I would have made it through the past week without my computer or a notebook and pen to distract me. Being able to throw myself into the final edits and corrections has been a mental vacation from the worries of the world. One piece of news that I wanted to share relates directly to anybody who has bothered to follow the links from Facebook and Twitter: my page views spiked to 20 after my last post. I know that it’s immature to let something so obscure make me happy at a time like this, but a person I met recently remarked “We’re in the business of living,” and life goes on. Whether it’s eating your favorite food, watching your favorite show, or being around your favorite people–each one of us is in the business of living whether we like it or not. So if you’re one of the 20 people who has visited this site in the past week let me start with a heartfelt “Thank You!”

And now on to the book news: I’ve made the final changes to chapter 13, the penultimate installment of Someone to Remember Me. I finished my revisions (which were sizable) around 2:25 am last night. The final two chapters will require some cleanup and revision to bring them in line with the end goal of the novel, but that task is nowhere near as daunting as chapter 13. The largest in the entire book, chapter 13 clocks in at 12 single-spaced pages in my word processor which translates to 35-ish pages in a real book and I-have-no-idea number of pages in the digital lala land of  ebooks. One of the benefits of sitting on a story for two years is the ample amount of time you have to think of new sequences to write and insert. I sincerely hope any readers out there enjoy the revisions.

I’m starting to get worried because both iTunes and Barnes & Noble have flagged my accounts for review. I got the message from iTunes on Wednesday and two from Barnes & Noble (one yesterday, one today.) If things go south then I have no idea whether or not to just release the book on Kindle alone or hold off until all three are ready? If you have any thoughts just sound off on Facebook or leave a comment here.

The cover designed, Natasha DiMatteo, also sent me jpegs of the final cover. I’m sure she’s breathing a sigh of relief after the ringer I’ve put her through but I can’t adequately express how pleased I am with the cover and the spirit it conveys. While the novel is definitely dark and depressing in its own right I think Natasha did an amazing job capturing the hope for renewal and continuation that Someone to Remember Me makes a statement about.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date as the proceedings with iTunes and Barnes & Noble continue. I desperately want to make my January 12th release date but as with all things I guess I need to wait and see.

– Brendan